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This is a five day 'relax and learn' course designed for those who can already use a computer and would like to develop their own web site either for business or personal use. The course assumes no prior knowledge of web design but is modular so participants may attend those days which are of most value to them. We use the popular Microsoft FrontPage web editing program. The content for each day is outlined below.

The course typically runs from Tuesday to Saturday, residential participants arriving in time for dinner on the Monday evening and daparting some time on Saturday afternoon. For more detail of how our relax and learn courses operate please click here, for our rates click here and for details of how we schedule course please click here.

Course Content

Day 1: Planning and Getting Started - plan your web site - what are its aims?, what is its structure? and which style issues are important?; create some simple pages containing text and colour; link them together, and to other pages, as a web site; find out a little about the code that underlies a web page.

Day 2: Pictures and Forms - add pictures to your web site; edit them so that they are stored efficiently; discover background images for your pages; learn how to use forms to request information from visitors to your site.

Day 3: Promoting and Publishing Your Site - discover the tools you need to use to get your page noticed on the web; monitor the success of your web site using a hit counter; find out how to publish your site.

Day 4: Style Pages and Javascript - explore options used to standardise a collection of pages and to change a particular feature on every page easily; discover some simple dynamic features of web design using Javascript.

Day 5: Interaction with Databases - discover how to build pages which interact with a database stored on a web server.  

If you have any questions about this course please contact us using the contact details below.

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