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This is a five day 'relax and learn' course designed for those who can already use a computer, perhaps have, or are looking to buy, a scanner or digital camera, and would like to be able to capture pictures using these tools, edit them efficiently and then use them when developing printed publications or Microsoft Powerpoint presentations. The course is modular so participants may attend those days which are of most value to them. The content for each day is outlined below.

The course typically runs from Tuesday to Saturday, residential participants arriving in time for dinner on the Monday evening and daparting some time on Saturday afternoon. For more detail of how our relax and learn courses operate please click here, for our rates click here and for details of how we schedule course please click here.

Course Content

Day 1: Scanning and Saving - find out about the features of a scanner, the choices to be made when scanning a picture or document and how to save the results in an appropriate form for  later use in an application.

Day 2: Digital Cameras and Editing Pictures - discover a typical digital camera; look at how the results can be transferred to your computer and then edited using a typical picture editor (the editing features also apply to scanned images).

Day 3: Pictures in Word and Publisher - explore how to incorporate, edit and manipulate pictures in your printed documents whether in a word processor or desk top publisher.

Day 4: Powerpoint Presentations - take your images, combine them with text and produce a series of slides suitable for a presentation; explore the tools of Powerpoint used to create, organise and animate your slides.

Day 5: Movement and Sound - explore the features of animation editors used to create simple animations and options for recording and editing your own sound such as narrations and music.

If you have any questions about this course please contact us using the contact details below.

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